Friday, 7 February 2014

24,000 tweets about #Sochi

Who's excited about the Winter Olympics? Happy about the games? Angry about their location?

Let's find out...

Searching Twitter for #Sochi yields 29,800 individual tweets.

Running those through TextBlob yields 24,000 tweets that can be analysed for sentiment - positive, negative, or neutral*.

And throwing the whole lot at Google Fusion Tables lets us map them.

Here they all are. Blue for neutral, green for positive and red for negative.

Or for bigger, go here.

Just the happy people?

And just the angry people.

That was fun.

Thanks to some brilliant people who make brilliant tools; Google for Fusion Tables, and the development teams behind TextBlob and Tweepy for their Python modules.

* Please note that automated sentiment analysis is far from perfect. Especially the way I've implemented it.

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