Friday, 26 April 2013

Football model: Predictions for 27 April

OK, so last week was a bit of a shambles. Three results out of ten and a loss at the bookies. Damn.

But that means we're due a win this week, right? I think that's how they said probability works at school.

Here are the predictions for this weekend - a little early because I'm off to drink a few cervezas in Madrid (and tour the Bernabeu! Brilliant!) Any late changes to the starting line-ups that are on Fantasy Football Scout, we'll just have to live with.

If you're betting (I still have faith...) then:

Manchester City v West Ham United - Home win
Everton v Fulham - Home win
Southampton v West Bromwich Albion - Away win
Stoke City v Norwich City - Home win
Wigan Athletic v Tottenham Hotspur - Away win
Newcastle United v Liverpool - Away win
Reading v Queens Park Rangers - Away win
Chelsea v Swansea City - Home win
Arsenal v Manchester United - Away win
Aston Villa v Sunderland - Draw

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