Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Quick conclusions from the riot coverage

I watched the riot coverage across a variety of outlets until too late last night. Here are a few thoughts...

  • The rioters didn't organise using Twitter, they used Blackberry Messenger. People watching used Twitter.

  • Did you hear that Daily Mail? BBM and Twitter are not the same thing.

  • During a developing story, Twitter > Sky News > BBC News

  • During a developing story, you're better off following interesting journalists on Twitter than reading the content of theirs that makes newspaper websites

  • If TV news channels haven't got helicopters up, they won't be showing any coverage that you haven't already seen

  • Somebody really needs to tell our news outlets about UStream

  • What happened to webcams? I swear there used to be more.

  • If it was truly Armageddon, somebody would still be posting marketing news to your Twitter feed.

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