Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Data Visualisation: Naming and Shaming

I seem to have ranted about data visualisation quite a bit recently and you lucky lot only get to hear the rants that I get around to writing down. Here comes another one...

Since my dashboard software evaluation exercise (I will finish those reviews, promise) a few software providers have kindly signed me up for a damn good sales email spamming.

Logixml just mailed to say that they had three new example dashboards waiting to be played with and no analyst worthy of the name can resist an offer like that.

Here's the Financial Services example.

Good God, where do I start? Well it's certainly colourful.

Let's just say that I'm running a couple of training sessions on data visualisation later this month and when I finished off the deck yesterday, it was missing a single, impactful slide that showed how to break every rule in the charting handbook.

It's got one now.

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