Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A belated job update

So the break from econometrics didn't last very long and this blog's going to be getting livelier again... I've made the break from London and am building an econometrics capability for Brilliant Media, based in Leeds.

We're a smaller agency than the big London networks, but the largest independent in the UK and I'm really excited about the challenge. It's good to be back!

It will be nice to leave London behind too. The last twelve years have been great, but it was long past time to go. I'm not a city boy, or one of those Londoners who thinks maps of anywhere North of the Watford Gap just say "here be dragons" and have pictures of ships falling off the edge of the world. It's gorgeous up here.

If you'd like to talk about econometrics, please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you. And if you're looking for a 1.5 bedroomed flat in SE London with a great garden, then I'd love to hear from you even more...

Thanks for reading (hopefully one or two people are still reading) and stay tuned for a Lazarus-like resurrection of Wallpapering Fog.


1 comment:

Laima said...

hahah "here be dragons" and the ships falling off! can totally picture that - I was very surprised the plane didn't fall off like that once we were past the Caspian sea...

Am following your blog just to see/prove myself how much I don't miss the econometrics ;)