Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Has it occurred to anybody else...

That the Met Office seem to be treating outside chances of bad weather as a PR opportunity?
Take tomorrow. There's a weather warning in place for London*. It's not going to snow.

The Met Office know it's not going to snow too, so why the weather warning? Either they're absolutely terrified of not issuing one when there's a blizzard coming (which is possible) or I have a strong suspicion that they use them for PR.

A weather warning generates lots of Met Office coverage. And then whose name is in your head when you need to buy some weather expertise? Never mind that you could always get it for free from (Sshhh, don't tell anybody.)

I'm being very, very cynical but the damn things are issued so often that nobody takes them seriously any more. Rain, fog, snow, a bit of a stiff breeze... Weather warning. I think they like being on the news.

If you want non-sensationalised weather (which has been more accurate than the Met Office since Christmas because they don't worst-case-scenario everything) try meteoblue.

* And a lot of other places, which actually do have lots of snow.

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