Wednesday, 23 September 2009

My reading list

Wallpapering Fog has been running since last December and beginning to write it got me reading a lot of other marketing(ish) blogs. They've been a tremendous resource, so here are the best ten so far...
Let's start off with a plug for my colleagues. Interesting stuff and lots of contributors, so it's pretty active. Not the place if you're looking for things that others haven't found yet but it's an eclectic mix and worth a read.
Some of the posts put a bit too much faith in New / Social Media for me, but the best article of the month competition is tremendous for finding interesting new writing.

Great ideas for telling stories.
Beautiful, simple, elegant.
A must read for anybody who's even a little involved with data presentation.
Fairly new and this one's less of a regular read, but when I do drop in it tends to be to read a few articles. Putting some clarity on the public reporting of statistics.
Lots of rubbish. Plus Rory Sutherland, so it gets on the list.
Because I'm a geek and it's got a great title. It's useful too.
Advertising seen through the eyes of Grumpy Old Men.
Please don't stop writing!!

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