Thursday, 27 August 2009

You lot really don't like SAS

I've been off on holiday and not posting for a bit, so it was interesting to have a look at what content on this blog has been generating traffic while I've been away.

Not lots of traffic obviously... it's a blog about data and marketing.

The verdict is in and you're most likely to find this site on Google because you hate SAS. This post unanimously wins the SEO award for most traffic.

My top 10 Google organic terms for the last couple of weeks were:

1. wallpapering fog data
2. open source sas replacement
3. sas replacement
4. wallpapering fog
5. sas in trouble
6. +"sas replacement"
7. +sas +replacement
8. +sas +software +horrible
9. chrigel maurer bbc
10. data monkey blog neil charles

Can we all just go and buy download r now?

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