Friday, 5 June 2009

Turn it upside down

It's amazing how much difference it can make to a statistic to turn it backwards.
90% of trains in the UK are now running on time. This is a Good Thing and record breaking.

Turn it backwards though and Network Rail are delighted with a siuation where 1 in 10 trains is late. Still impressed?

I've been thinking the same about the Telegraph's circulation as they turn the screw on MPs and reveal the bathplugs, moat cleanings and tennis court repairs that have been claimed on expenses. The Telegraph is up almost 19,000 copies per day.

That's 2.3%. Considering this is a huge exclusive, my immediate reaction is: Really? Is that it? I'm almost certain that if I told the Telegraph that several million pounds' worth of TV advertising 'only' increased their circulation by 2% during the burst, they'd be pretty disappointed. And this exclusive's given them a lot more exposure than a few Coronation Street TV spots.

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