Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Some things don't polish

An email to Paramount from Michael Bay, director of the new Transformers film, has leaked out. Apart from being a grammatical car crash, it's interesting because he's complaining about a lack of marketing hype around his new film.

Good. This means somebody over at Paramount is doing their job properly.

One thing shines through from marketing statistics everywhere. You can't make a lot of people buy a bad product by spending more on marketing.

It sounds obvious, but when you've invested a lot of money in developing a product and it's turned out to be a dog, the temptation to spend another fortune trying to persuade people that it's not, is just too strong. Good money after bad. It doesn't work. Ever.

I'm assuming the pre-release survey results for Transformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen were as bad as the reviews coming out now. Probably worse if you think they've re-cut it a bit to try to mend some of the least popular bits. Paramount marketing are applying some good, common sense and avoiding wasting money. Anyone would think we're in a recession.

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