Friday, 3 April 2009

A future for Outdoor

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that things probably aren't looking too rosy for outdoor when CBS are buying their own poster sites. So what about the future?

The OAA held a well attended conference* in Battersea Park yesterday, that unforturnately I could only be there for a part of (pressing client debriefs, you know how this works...) and I was impressed with a short presentation from the National Lottery.

They claim a strong return on investment to out of home and I'm not surprised, because they're using it in a very innovative way. The Lottery is all about rollover weeks, which by their nature are unpredictable. When a rollover happens though, you want to tell as many people as you can as fast as possible. So they use tactical outdoor. A particularly high return is claimed for televised 5pm Saturday football, before a draw later that evening, gained by buying digital pitch-side advertising hoardings.

This idea should work well for other brands. TV channels for one. If a football match suddenly becomes very relevant or - Like ITV with the excellent Clough documentary last week - a programme has particular resonance (The Damned United has just realeased,) digital outdoor has the potential to reach a lot of people, very quickly and at exactly the right time.

It's ok buying digital bus sides in London to publicise their latest offers, but everybody knows Lastminute have always got cheap holidays so this is still just standard outdoor, but on a digital screen. Digital outdoor has got the potential to deliver time-specific advertising to a wide audience rather than just being the moving wallpaper that we're seeing right now. And that's got to have a better return on investment.

* Oh, and about that conference... is somebody a bit miffed they've missed out on a Mediterranean freebie?

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everheardofaspacebar said...

Another future??

Also saw that Steve Rider was kind enough to promote the Clough documentary at the end of the Liverpool v Chelsea match last night, albeit right at the end. And they've brought the documentary out on DVD.