Tuesday, 7 April 2009

From the people who brought you a tank on Mayday

Any publicity is good publicity, right? Especially if you're a protest group on Mayday in London and you've managed to lay your hands on a tank.

The group behind this (entirely road legal apparently) serious looking bit of hardware were Spacehijackers and I wondered what else they might have been up to.

It turns out they've been partaking in some subversive activity around advertising too. I make a living in the industry but have to admit that the creativity and sense of fun around these stunts put a smile on my face. The message carries a very valid point too, especially for those of us working in advertising. Do people really want to see ads everywhere they go?

District Line tube trains...

And pedestrian crossings around Westminster...

The smaller text reads:

"It is currently illegal to protest in this area without a permit. Refraining from pressing this button may be used as evidence against you."

Adpunch thinks the pedestrian crossing campaign is real and 'superb and quite fresh'. That's just scary.

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