Wednesday, 11 February 2009

It's rarely that you encounter true genius

Marketing needs a bit of bullshit. Even us analysts indulge from time to time (hush, don't tell anyone.)

With the new Pepsi logo however, Arnell Group have achieved a level of bullshit so audacious, that they've distorted the very fabric of space-time. I'm genuinely afraid that this document contains such inspired pseudo-science that it might become self-aware and attempt to start its own creative agency.

Pepsi's new logo isn't just a splash of red, white and blue and it's most certainly not a rip off of the Obama campaign logo.

Pepsi's new logo has its own gravitational field. No, really.

Alternatively, Arnell Group have got somebody on their staff who owns copies of Astronomy for Beginners, A Blagger's Guide to Art History and Adobe Illustrator. And supports Obama.

Could this be an intra-industry viral marketing spoof?

With thanks to Ad Lab.

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