Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Obama! Live! With Facts!

I watched Obama's inauguration on CNN yesterday. He didn't turn water into wine, but otherwise it was pretty good, if a little lower key than a lot of people expected.

CNN, being a news channel, had the obligatory logos and tickers plastered all over the screen.
UK news channels like these too, because usually what the newsreaders are saying isn't that interesting - you've heard it at least three times already today - so they give you four bits of information at once that aren't interesting and hope to hold your attention.

CNN kept putting facts at the bottom of the screen. Which is good. They are a news channel.

What's not so good is that they felt the need to label them 'FACT'. As opposed to what? The stuff they were making up 24 hours earlier? I was half expecting the ticker at some point to change to 'Fiction - Obama once beat Hulk Hogan in a thumb war'

Just for fun...

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