Tuesday, 27 January 2009

What's the best TV spot money can buy?

An enjoyable rant from Turner Broadcasting's research chief that starts off with Forrester and then turns on Nielsen.

Is the criticism of Nielsen justified though? It's not like producing data on TV viewers' programme loyalty and viewing habits would be that difficult if you had the Nielsen data. It must not exist because advertisers aren't demanding that data (even if Turner would like it.)

Advertisers don't want the data, because it's useless. What's the point in knowing that the X-Factor is the perfect programme to buy if you can't then go out and buy it? For as long as TV channels sell packages of airtime, where you don't get to pick individual spots, there's no point in investing in detailed TV audience research unless you're a broadcaster. Nielsen do their work, first and foremost, for advertisers.

If there was an auction for TV spots in the same way as there's an auction for Google search terms, we'd all be swimming in TV audience research by the end of next week.

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